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The Last Leg of a Great Trek up the Writing Mountain


I have to say I have enjoyed this journey far more than the paperwork mountain (a trek I am very used to)! It has been almost 12 hours since my final day of writing began – I don’t mean final, final, – just those pieces and submissions due for the 28th February. Here I am typing away about the last leg when I actually should be bouncing up the mountainside like a mountain goat, in the other window where my work is.

Just taking 5, I managed 4 hours editing, 6 submissions and 1 post here this morning before work. I then managed freedom by 5:30 – I have spent the best part of an hour writing and have now got 2 submissions (4 poems) to complete.
I was beaten by the Short Story, there simply wasn’t enough story.
That’s the reason people say WRITE FROM WHERE/WHAT YOU KNOW! (Yes, I am shouting it – to myself though so I don’t end up in this position again next month!) I researched and interviewed people who were in positions of knowledge but there was never enough story to stretch it into a 4 figure word count. Guess I will save it for a flash. All is not lost. Unlike many writers I don’t throw away dead works. Thank goodness they are all on a tiny memorystick nowadays. My rooms are all filled with files and paper.
(I think I’d need to employ someone in a full-time position to make it otherwise… I’d rather buy shoes.)

Right I’m rambling, must get off and finish the poetry.
I am very happy with this writing month (minus several started and unfinished pieces), even those can be forgiven.

Message to you all;
Be gentle on yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Sometimes it writes and sometimes it doesn’t.

I think Writing is like a child or animal, unpredictable even when trained. I am amazed where my mind can write me and other days I think it has lost itself completely.
I’m sure you have all been there.

Off to trek the last great leg x

Taking Stock – February 2013



Wow! What a whirlwind month, never before have I felt the true impact of February being 2-3days shorter than the rest of the year! It seems only yesterday when the beginning of the month was shining with all it’s new possibilities.
Most of the writing I have managed this month has fallen in this last week (which isn’t quite over although now it is March), I knew this would be the case as I’ve had extremely busy weeks with work and had booked a travelling adventure (otherwise known as a mini-break holiday with friends) mid month. It is no wonder I feel exhausted.

The last day of February was ‘Poetry Day’, I wrote, edited, proofed 10 poems for 3 different submissions. This filled me with a little trepidation as I am a poet and have the dream of writing my own collection/book of poems. I know how many are needed for a title and I now know a daily limit would be 3 to 4 poems. I have a back catalogue, however as I haven’t written for 6 years and age wise belonged to a younger generation when I last wrote I am finding that reading with a critical eye, old material may not make it through. I know I have a few gems amongst the angst and coal darkness of youth, not enough for a whole book though.

I am still loving working as a freelance writer again and wouldn’t change the hours I have poured into it so far for anything. (Although looking around this place, I need to spend more time in March packing and completing DIY fixes to get my place on the Market fast!) Writing fills me with the positive energy you find when you finally connect at soul-level to doing what you were born to do. I have known this since I was 13, why I have pushed against it for so long who knows, the fact that 2 decades later it still has such a dominant presence forces me to stand still and listen… and then type!

This month I have managed 6 submissions (4 more than January), 14 pieces – 2 short stories, 1 flash fiction, 10 poems. (And a Partridge in a Pear tree?!)
I have managed to read 2 books (the latter was a turgid Non-Fiction text that took time to absorb and work through) – it was worth it though. I started my 3rd book, 21 pages in. I’m not surprised by this drop in reading, I’m sure the hours of reading are probably the same, I just chose a harder book to get through.

I managed to send and celebrate February Birthdays with cards and presents, well apart from my brother’s birthday. I had just landed and he had the family get together the day before his real birthday and I had 2 appointments in the morning and barely made it to the lunch on time. Didn’t feel too bad though as he handed me my Christmas Present, we will eventually make it to GMT!

There have been several major life/work projects that have taken time, energy and emotion that are, thankfully, for now OVER. I survived them all!

I am delighted that more people are following the blog and dipping in for a read and a splash and that posts are being liked, we have over 70 followers now (inclu. those whose follow on email, I dread to think how rammed their inboxes are!) this is amazing and I thank you all for adding me to your blog lists.
I possibly found the opportunity to write a book this month too, I am in the bidding process. Early days. My hair has turned white from this past month’s writing. I need to make sure I’m not biting off more than I can chew. It will depend on deadlines. Advances are paid though, whoahoo. I know from previous freelancing that the cash flow and workload never match up. I have almost forgotten the colour of money!

7 aims for February:
1) Submit more writing than I did in January.
2) Allow plenty of editing time.
3) Cross-reference writing projects, make sure I am on track.
4) Keep on top of emails, especially those connected to freelancing.
5) Allocate specific time slots to the AWF Blog, in order to complete some real writing (controversial) and to keep my posts fresh and alive and more than – ‘I am still trying to do what I was meant to do yesterday!’
6) Write at least 5 days a week.
7) Keep reading (I managed 6 books in January)!

And the balance;
1) Remember to send birthday cards to loved ones.
2) Keep saying YES to new opportunities.
3) Keep filling my jar – stones, pebbles, sand and water.

Now there is a successful month! ^^^ My writing schedule (I now realise we all need one) looks similar with almost all the projects and submissions crossed through.

4 Aims for March
1) Compile writing schedule to stay on track and allow time for completing submissions.
2) Work on Collection of Poetry
3) Make a bid for book commission
4) 1000 wds a week on current m/s (now @ Chapter 9)

That was it folks
I hope you all had a successful month.
Keep climbing those mountains!

Wearing the Crampons for the last time this month!


Life has a habit of getting in the way for freelancers because we can be flexible, we are expected to bend. I have today to submit everything, the poetry is written, I have managed all 11! (Miracle) The short story will either be ready to submit later today or I will miss the deadline, I have already abandoned one of them as it needed to be 5000 wds and I know I haven’t got the time to create that and I certainly don’t want to send out any sub-standard work.

Off now to climb some more on the laptop that isn’t connected to the internet (ironically if the wireless connection worked the poetry would already be submitted and my pulse and blood pressure would both be more settled right now)!

Takes a deep breath

Scaling the Matterhorn!


The marathon writing challenge began this morning after spending last night writing up the schedule for the next four days! That’s why I feel this mountain climb has turned epic!
4 Short stories, 10 poems in 4 days… On top of work, work…
I read this morning, funnily enough about mountains (thank you universe) it seems it is possible to move a whole mountain a boulder at a time.
I managed 3hrs writing this morning and completed 2 short stories (working on them since January), wrote 1 new poem, typed up a 2nd from my collection/ back catalogue.
Today I have submitted the 2 short stories. I now have 2 short stories, 8 poems and 3 days – easy, unlike scaling the Matterhorn!

Happy writing x

Writing the Mountain


I love having a weekend free to write, apart from travel notes and a few poems I have not written all week as I was travelling and exploring new places. I have almost made up for the write-less week with over 10hrs of writing and research.

I have a whole list of websites to check and I have found two more writing opportunities. I had already printed a schedule (only took me a month to realise every writer needs one!) now it has notes scribbled all over it and I think I may be forced to put a hold on some projects.

I have already put my main manuscript down for the end of this month as I am now working on a collection of poems and several shorter submissions for publication. My writing notebook is full of scribbled notes and lists. All this work is filling me with positive energy and a feeling that I am doing the right thing. I am just a little concerned that I am going to have to account for every hour of the day until the end of March!


As a result of the busy work schedule, I may not be around too much to blog. We will see.

Putting the writing first for now.

Happy writing to you all.


Amazingly I discovered this publication earlier today whilst researching. Then I discovered this post on Kristen Lamb’s blog. i love how the universe sends crystal clear messages to us sometimes. This post is a great read, you can order the book on Amazon.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 11.23.10 AM

Happy Friday! We have a real treat. Becca Puglisi is here to give tips to take your writing to a whole new level. All writers struggle, especially when trying to convey emotion. It’s easy to beat the same words until they bleed and WE cry. This is one of the reasons that The Emotion Thesaurus is a must-have reference for writers. Becca and Angela took the time to put together one of the most innovative and valuable writing tools I’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have Becca here today!

Take it away, Becca!


I considered writing today about that one thing you need to write a truly great story that the reader can’t put down. But we all know that there isn’t just one thing. Voice? Plot? Characterization? Motivation? Sure. All of the above. But since I’ve seen roughly a gajillion blog posts that cover these topics, I’d…

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Mindslam – Blogging



I found the Mindslam today and thought I would give it a go.

Week 19 Idea: What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I started blogging on the 4th January 2013, I have many friends who have written blogs for years, I am a little late chasing the band wagon and jumping up on it!
The main reason for creating A Writers Fountain was to log my own year of writing, as I have had the past 6 years off. I had no idea of the wonderful world of WordPress I would find.
Firstly, I love the community of sharing and reblogging, searching blogs can save hours of net research. I also love what I have found, the people and writing challenges. I like reading other blogs over the weekend and trying to keep mine up to date during the week.
I think it is a good way into my writing day, breaking the ice and saving on writing exercises scribbled into forgotten journals. Just like an Aerobics class the warm up is the best.
Blogging has opened up a new writing world to me that I am enjoying exploring. It also keeps me on track with my own writing schedules and deadlines and enables me to share some of my world with you.


Wonderful, inspiring and something you will recognise yourself within. I saw it on ermiliablog today and just had to share it too.
Write on today, go on, do your job!


Anne (visit her blog if you haven’t already! She’s a brilliant writer) sent me this video the other day. I love TedTalks, many of you may know as this isn’t my first TedTalk video I’ve shared.

I wanted to share this one with you all because Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Love, Pray) talks about creativity. Without spoiling her talk, she discusses perspectives on where ‘creativity’ originates: from within or as an external source. The reputation writers, actors, and other creative professions have created, has been one where mental instability is often a common theme. Since creativity requires so much emotional involvement, this may be part of the explanation. Gilbert investigates another way we writers can perceive our creative genius, a way that may be more healthy for those of us who get anxious.

Regardless of whether you are a writer/poet or not, I really recommend this talk…

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Travels and Returns


Poems in my pocket, scribbled muse, fantastic memories and a Polski hat I can wear back home as the weather has turned very cold! Uploading photographs and getting back on with the writing schedule again today, I had to create a coloured table to make sure I don’t miss any deadlines now!