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Funding Dreams


Another day withhout a writing slot. I spent 4hrs on the laptop reading blogs & deleting emails. Checking the junk filter had nothing important in it. I also spent 2hrs taking action on my future February plans.
I woke up this morning and found out about a trip some friends of mine had booked, it is a place I have had on wishlist! I knew seeing Patrick (family visiting from USA) would fuel my wanderlust! I have to ease my twitchy, itchy feet… well I haven’t used my passport since 2010 & it expires soon!

I have little surplus money, especially as I am currently paying out lots on making this the best year ever! I will just have to sell some writing.

I was at work until 5pm, this is just my evening, glued to the laptop. I have been writing in my head though. Do you do that? The ideas just play over, like dreaming at the same time as being active!

Clocking Off!


I have clocked my writing hours this week and it is no wonder I feel the way I do. I have not even managed double figure hours yet. The good news is I have time over the weekend to bank many more hours. I want that exciting, I am accomplishing something feeling back.

Sometimes it isn’t like riding a bike again, (which I have actually tried after a decade of not being on a saddle and the adage is not true, once you learn to ride a bike if you haven’t cycled for 10 years you get on and your brain knows what to do but your body doesn’t quite work it out at the same time! And I advise any not-cycled-since- childhood cyclists to steer (literally!) clear of hilly areas. I spent most of the time walking alongside my bike, when I wasn’t veering into hedgerows – softer landing and less traffic to the left!

I feel like the January Gym members who signed up three weeks ago (well done if you did) and are now dreading going to the gym. This week it has been easier not to write than write – now there’s a dangerous statement.
I have honestly been very busy and juggling all the elements in my jar when I have left the rocks (writing) until last, I just haven’t tried to ram the rocks into an already over spilling jar.

Sleep or write? Right now at 1:30a.m, work preparation done I am choosing writing over sleep.* It’s the end of the working week tomorrow… I hope I can manage. Generally this week it has been sleep.

*An hour later I have completed a 2nd draft of one of the short stories I am submitting, I may be delusional at this time in the morning, but I am actually relatively pleased with it! Word count 1258.

As January ticks to a close


I am typing this on the laptop in the hope of managing internet access later; I will need to be quick as I have another appointment straight after work. I don’t know if it is because we have a week left in this month and it is all drawing to a close, ‘that was January!’ or if it is because I have been super busy or it is other causes, recently I have been waking in the early hours of the morning, unable to sleep I have activated my brain (and believe me I am not over stimulating it) I did extensive research on Sleepy Hygiene/ Sleep Therapy last year, I then manage to fall asleep for a bit and have been setting an alarm just before 9. Waking up dog tired.
I lie in bed reading, blinds open, light in, day in the room begging myself to roll out of bed. I just can’t. I’m far from lazy, I am currently unwell- it is a mixture of that and the medication, that is how I ended up working part-time & being able to consider re-launching my writing career. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that.
Okay readers this is a writing blog, where was I heading with that woeful autobiographical snippet, well they say* that readers like to get to know the person behind the blog, so there was a little bit of me.

I managed some writing when I got home from the Library last night. With the help of this blog (I have also read WebPages on whether we should consider blogging as writing) I have nearly achieved writing on a daily basis – if we ignore the slow start to the year, where I didn’t have the strength to pick up a pen or use my brain following NYE celebrations.

I only know this because one of my new-start-keep-going tactics was to have a writing diary and like I told you all yesterday I have a family calendar just for me… well we all strive for ultimate balance right?
I feel like this next week is the final push for January, part of me is disappointed in myself that I will only have made 2 submissions this month, even though lots of new writing has splintered off from that, I am 6 chapters into my main manuscript maybe 1/10th of the way there! I feel reawakened corny though that may sound) I do believe when you are finally brave enough (or crazy enough) to take the plunge and plug into what you should do, your true desire, life unfolds before you in a way you never imagined it would. The impossible loses two letters, the bit that held you back, I’m… (YOU!) and all becomes possible.

I have started prepping my February lists and undertaken a furious search to make sure I haven’t missed any appropriate opportunities. I was in the midst of a flurry of statistics and checking on my own progress last night. I am quite happy; there is room for improvement (as always) good stats for my initial jump into the fountain.
If this writing life was a diet I may have lost 9lbs by now! (My actual target this month was 8, but the Wii Fit disappeared under a pile of paperwork and packing!) Must try harder beyond the writing too – it would be awful to go through all this, find success and have the largest pile of books sitting in front of my pretty face and double chin on the jacket head shot!

I really want a Tablet, last night I struck a deal with myself (better the Devil you know!) For every lb I lose I gain £1.00, for every successful publication I will throw £5.00 in, for every book I read £1.00, I have read 6 this month so far. YES! I will have my tablet before the year is out.

Does the end of the month fill you with dread or delight?
Are you thinking ahead to February writes or fighting against January deadlines?

* I have spent some time this month surfing the net finding out about blogs and marketing and the rights and wrongs of community blogging and like I said yesterday – I hope to be online over the weekend with time to surf my list of blogs.

I write therefore I am


I spent the early hours the morning with a fictional scene that completely ran away with me – the characters are now almost completely flipped and there is an extra person in the scene. Based on the 2nd draft of the story, still in my notebook, I started typing it up and it just evolved and changed – which would be fine and perfect, except now I am worried that the piece is far too dark for publication. And it is also 158 words too long!

I did this last time – needed 1200 words and wrote closer to 2500, followed by chunky editing 1st!

When you’re commissioned you get a steadfast brief – I find it extremely frustrating that I don’t understand where the focus of this scene needs to be and exactly what they want.

I have been very picky about which writing projects I attempt this month, I needed to immerse myself back in the waters of the fountain I abandoned so many years ago.

I don’t know if I am allowed to play in it or if I should be sitting on a bench, bone dry, drawing a picture of it!

My main focus should be on my main manuscript, all these satellite writings have suddenly taken over.
I think I feel overwhelmed due to many other transitions happening this month; it’s hard for me to find my writing space (inside my head).

This submission has to go in the post – so there is no writing close to the bone on this one. The deadline isn’t until next month, but the way it has taken on a life of its own it may take a while to edit and proof!

Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details


Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details.

Didn’t get a chance to do more than speed read this – wanted to share it for any of you in need of ideas for writing exercises.
I am quite a fan of The Daily Post.


Daily Prompt: I Got Skills


Daily Prompt: I Got Skills.

Hmmmmmmm I fancied a tough ‘freewrite’ challenge before picking up the 4 shopping bags stashed under the desk and heading home, the library computer countdown clock is on – so no pressure!

Well to be a Mistress, that’s a start… now skill, well that is different to super power but my head is instantly filled with Cartoon Superwoman and Shera! I’m struggling to wipe that image off my brain. I think of power and leadership and all things important – and then the cynic in me thinks, mostly those at the top are lucky on the whole, in some fields, skilfull yes, but not all.

I guess the one skill I have ALWAYS admired most is the crafters, those who have a natural gift for patchwork, woodcarving, pottery. Mainly all things involving needle and thread, I can (with some instructions from my Gran) just about manage a sewing machine, I can certainly demonstrate several stitches by hand, but I suffered at school through the hands of the DT/ART/PE teacher, who basically belittled us publically if we refused to join her teams or if we were not into sports. I was actually in the school netball team and played at County level and pulled top 5 places (out of 120) in cross country racing, it was the Hockey Team I refused a place on, it was too vicious, I was a dancer and needed to keep both my legs!
I made a tissue box cover (very useful) insert a sprinkling of sarcasm here and a soft frog toy. Both projects took about 3 months, involved sewing by hand and machine and looking back I don’t even know how I survived. It scarred me for life and put me off learning.

My Great Aunt taught me how to knit, my mum taught me how to make pom-poms, I have bought some craft books and magazines and manage to find and teach crafts for children, I have lovely ideas, often seen manifested in someone else’s reality in craft shops and fayres.
I just LACK the skill. Given the opportunity to acquire and be the mistress of any skill in the world I would choose to be a Mistress of Crafts. Why are we limiting ourselves there? Hey, I would be the Goddess of Crafts!

How about you?

Is it really ONLY Tuesday!?!


Life certainly gets busy sometimes. This week is no exception and to add to the flux I have used my data allowance on the smartphone – I actually owe some extra money, when I checked the bill it took a long time to load the website – ironic if that’s where the fee is from! I am blaming Patrick* for making me check population statistics for the local area. This is something all Americans that I know, know – we don’t over here. It would blow our minds daily how many people are squeezed into such small areas.

I had more assessments at work today so my stress levels have been pretty high all day. I kept telling myself ‘it will be over soon, soon you will be home and you will be rested and it will all be in the past!’

I have had lots of errands this evening including buying balloons (a long story) I am one of those people who goes in for a packet of balloons and comes out with 4 shopping bags! They didn’t sell balloons so I had to shop around.

I have managed some writing (which is a miracle) and I have started my 6th book of the year/Month. There are barely enough hours in the day at the moment.
I’m in the library accessing the blog and won’t be at a desk with access until Thursday (and even then there may be no desk)! I will try to read some of the blogs I follow then and over the weekend to catch up with you all in Blogland! I can’t access through my phone as they have started to charge and payments are high enough as it is -gggrrrrrrr @ 24 month contracts.

This week I need to submit my short fictional scene and schedule February’s writing opportunities. I have managed to get one of those ‘Organise your whole family’ calendars and I have started to use it just for myself! Excessive?! Me…. ??? (For people who know me and follow my blog that is funny!)

Right now I am just heading home, to eat fruit (1st healthy shop of the year) and breathe!

* I think you are the 1st person to be named on my blog! What an honour… and the answer in 93,200 estimated in 2011.

Snow Problem (Not that an Englishman’s favourite conversation is the weather!)


Really busy today, lots of pebbles, sand and water in the jar. The fountain is intended as my writing blog, but as I haven’t done any YET today, I am happy to ramble. Hope you’re happy to read!

Firstly the weather:
If you are this side of the pond you will not need to be told that the whole place is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Still we go to work – car wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. No ice by 11a.m… speaking of Ice I nearly did a good deed this morning (the Girl Guide inside never dies!)
There was a man parked out the front of my apartment trying his best to remove at least a foot of snow off his bonnet with NO GLOVES! Naked hands people! (No coat either.) Every attempt left him holding onto his wrist in agony and shaking his hand wildly like a wet fish, it was like watching myself trying to mend something technical, he repeated the same mistake three times.

I was going to call down and offer a dustpan… he got in his car and turned the windscreen wipers on – ICE!

I went away to get up thinking, who drives a car without an ice-scraper in the winter???

When I checked back in, he was warm and toasty in the car and his windows and sun roof were all snow free.
Heated window car people – they are the ones who drive around in winter without an ice scraper!

I was kind of glad I didn’t offer my dustpan.

Once I was finally up (trying to find paperwork for solicitors took an hour) I need to get more organised (TIPS PLEASE!) I went off in the snow to meet up with Patrick – Family over from USA, a fun morning then followed by work!

Now hot footing it to estate agents and eventually at some point tonight I hope to write.