Taking Stock – January



The end of January is here and I have been in a flux of real/ paid work, some O.T which paid for the treat I booked last weekend, packing and de-junking (well let’s be honest de-hoarding!) Bills, paperwork, new challenges, dreams and desires. In the past 24hrs I have managed to fit in work, a fab new haircut, a much awaited trip to the cinema to see ‘The Hobbit’, research & writing.

I want to apologise to ALL my JANUARY born friends and family… although I sent electronic birthday wishes Text messages, phonecalls and social media, I was unable to get birthday cards sent in time! Must try harder (although to be fair I can’t quite believe that I am managing to spin the plates I already have in the air!) Just to let you all know, I thought about you all on your birthdays and also considered how I should have sorted the cards! I will try to better this epic fail in February, especially as it is my little brother’s birthday and my partners too!

Not buying and posting birthday cards gave me spare time, in which I worked hard to guarantee the last submission of the month was in the post on time. I also compiled February agenda in the Writer Diary, on the family calendar and in my journal notebook! No missing opportunities this time. (Including birthdays.) Two A4 pages to get stuck into this weekend!

I have already started on four of my February submissions and have the skeletal frame of a few other pieces that have evolved from the writing encountered this month. I also spent an hour Wednesday morning writing the first draft of the DP Photo story challenge. I am half way through and have a list of 3 things I need to research before I can complete the challenge (this is my first weekly challenge and it takes more effort than the daily posts – which are generally free-writes!) I am tempted to read other submissions, but want to create my story first as an uninfluenced, personal response to the photograph!

I am feeling hopeful as we move forward into February. I have taken stock and created these 7 aims:

1)      Submit more writing than I did in January.

2)      Allow plenty of editing time.

3)      Cross-reference writing projects, make sure I am on track.

4)      Keep on top of emails, especially those connected to freelancing.

5)      Allocate specific time slots to the AWF Blog, in order to complete some real writing (controversial) and to keep my posts fresh and alive and more than – ‘I am still trying to do what I was meant to do yesterday!’

6)       Write at least 5 days a week.

7)      Keep reading (I managed 6 books in January)!

And the balance;

1)      Remember to send birthday cards to loved ones.

2)      Keep saying YES to new opportunities.

3)      Keep filling my jar – stones, pebbles, sand and water.

Have a fabulous last writing day – January 2013.

That was it folks


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