The Write Way


I had 2 hours to write this morning, I checked my notebook (over the weekend I realised I had missed a writing/ publishing opportunity and I am trying to get more organised as a result) it felt awful, especially as it was my main field – poetry.

I edited the final draft of my next submission ready for printing and spent some time with the ever dustier manuscript, I really need to shift my focus onto the main project in February. February will see some new and exciting self-made opportunities as I am travelling! Hooray!

I have started to compile the synopsis & statistics for January – Write Year post at the end of the month and I have fallen down the rabbit hole of my blog being easier to write than any of my other current submissions or projects! (Something else I need to shift the balance on come February – which is less than a week away!)
I have been a bit hard on myself this week as it has been the busiest working week so far this month and added to the time spent writing and researching has been longer than a full-time working week, although still 10-30hrs shy of what I used to consider a full working week when I was in full-time employment.
This week my tiredness & lack of energy has resulted in most of the writing feeling like work too! Well, it is a job – one which rather like motherhood or playing the piano is badly underestimated.

‘I CAN’T’ isn’t going to feature!
I will REPRINT might feature highly though!
1st I forgot to title my work
Then I had to reprint to get the address to format properly.
Then I did two more final, final edits and a spell check!

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