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Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go


Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go.

The recent prompts have not inspired me – I know that’s part of the challenge and the whole point of the daily prompt.
I didn’t feel right writing my own eulogy, so close to losing a friend. The music in my life is also a hard subject.

Freewriting I am happy with, have journals full of it.
I have just spent a few more hours researching, I know I will feel better if I go to bed having written something.

So here it goes, 10mins….

Real-time moments captured forever in black and white footage weaved into some late night documentary. The types of
programmes I never used to watch, before I met him. I have found out so much more about people in popular culture this way. Found out things I would never have otherwise known. You talk about your dreams as the music fills the room. We have been close to the edge of your dream, with the help of smoke-screens and magic.
I always admire band documentaries that trace the success and pitfalls, it helps me realise that there is a whole story behind every ‘Gold’ award and album. Just like Abraham Lincoln they have had to pursue their desires until they came true. It is the same for me and you, the secret is to keep on striving forwards, making sure that you don’t let a setback throw you off track. Friendly. Commercial. Wanted. How does it sound to you own mind when you read it? You may not have to sell out. You may just have to be patient.

A waiting game. A game of survival. Dress yourself in an armour of self-belief and propel yourself forward. Ideas may not grow on trees, they do exist in the real world though, go out and find them. Create your own opportunities, breathe life into your dreams.

Finish Lines


I am currently completing some language research for a current submission I hope to have ready by the end of the weekend. I have finished my final draft and edit, however I might make some amendments after a quick surf of some websites tonight.
I booked a February trip last night and although it is paid for is a treat I can barely afford whilst trying to complete the other projects this Winter. I got a call earlier for more work next week – that has paid for the flight!

I had some Indoor Fireworks for Christmas, we have just set most of them off. Pretty hard to capture in a picture… delightful experience though. Happiness on fire.

I have also managed some time reading blogs, I added lots last night, for some reason I have woken up to be a follower of a load of sports blogs, I have no idea how that happened. The sites were running slowly last night.
I picked up on GOOD READS and have managed to join via Facebook. I was ill last year and managed to read 40 books, I have gone for 42, as it beats last year and is also the meaning of life, the universe and everything!
I just don’t know how to add the side bar gif that tracks my reads and reviews & allows you to link to the Goodreads site too – if any of you know please can you leave me technical advise? I think it is to do with the frames of the theme I have chosen that don’t support sidebar columns, I love this theme though, it suits the fountain and I don’t want to change it.

I am on my 6th book, the chapter headings have quotations from other books, I thought it might be fun to read those too this year. I read 100 pages or so this morning. I love weekends!
I hope you’re all having a great weekend too.


This is from Bottledwonder’s blog, some of these steps are fairly commonplace in Writing Tips books, some you may already know them, if not – it’s a great place to start.
Point 1 & 5 particularly!
Read & apply.


I’ve been thinking about how to become a more productive writer. Here’s six ways I came up with that could get the creative juices flowing:

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Funding Dreams


Another day withhout a writing slot. I spent 4hrs on the laptop reading blogs & deleting emails. Checking the junk filter had nothing important in it. I also spent 2hrs taking action on my future February plans.
I woke up this morning and found out about a trip some friends of mine had booked, it is a place I have had on wishlist! I knew seeing Patrick (family visiting from USA) would fuel my wanderlust! I have to ease my twitchy, itchy feet… well I haven’t used my passport since 2010 & it expires soon!

I have little surplus money, especially as I am currently paying out lots on making this the best year ever! I will just have to sell some writing.

I was at work until 5pm, this is just my evening, glued to the laptop. I have been writing in my head though. Do you do that? The ideas just play over, like dreaming at the same time as being active!