Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

Clocking Off!


I have clocked my writing hours this week and it is no wonder I feel the way I do. I have not even managed double figure hours yet. The good news is I have time over the weekend to bank many more hours. I want that exciting, I am accomplishing something feeling back.

Sometimes it isn’t like riding a bike again, (which I have actually tried after a decade of not being on a saddle and the adage is not true, once you learn to ride a bike if you haven’t cycled for 10 years you get on and your brain knows what to do but your body doesn’t quite work it out at the same time! And I advise any not-cycled-since- childhood cyclists to steer (literally!) clear of hilly areas. I spent most of the time walking alongside my bike, when I wasn’t veering into hedgerows – softer landing and less traffic to the left!

I feel like the January Gym members who signed up three weeks ago (well done if you did) and are now dreading going to the gym. This week it has been easier not to write than write – now there’s a dangerous statement.
I have honestly been very busy and juggling all the elements in my jar when I have left the rocks (writing) until last, I just haven’t tried to ram the rocks into an already over spilling jar.

Sleep or write? Right now at 1:30a.m, work preparation done I am choosing writing over sleep.* It’s the end of the working week tomorrow… I hope I can manage. Generally this week it has been sleep.

*An hour later I have completed a 2nd draft of one of the short stories I am submitting, I may be delusional at this time in the morning, but I am actually relatively pleased with it! Word count 1258.