I write therefore I am


I spent the early hours the morning with a fictional scene that completely ran away with me – the characters are now almost completely flipped and there is an extra person in the scene. Based on the 2nd draft of the story, still in my notebook, I started typing it up and it just evolved and changed – which would be fine and perfect, except now I am worried that the piece is far too dark for publication. And it is also 158 words too long!

I did this last time – needed 1200 words and wrote closer to 2500, followed by chunky editing 1st!

When you’re commissioned you get a steadfast brief – I find it extremely frustrating that I don’t understand where the focus of this scene needs to be and exactly what they want.

I have been very picky about which writing projects I attempt this month, I needed to immerse myself back in the waters of the fountain I abandoned so many years ago.

I don’t know if I am allowed to play in it or if I should be sitting on a bench, bone dry, drawing a picture of it!

My main focus should be on my main manuscript, all these satellite writings have suddenly taken over.
I think I feel overwhelmed due to many other transitions happening this month; it’s hard for me to find my writing space (inside my head).

This submission has to go in the post – so there is no writing close to the bone on this one. The deadline isn’t until next month, but the way it has taken on a life of its own it may take a while to edit and proof!

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