Is it really ONLY Tuesday!?!


Life certainly gets busy sometimes. This week is no exception and to add to the flux I have used my data allowance on the smartphone – I actually owe some extra money, when I checked the bill it took a long time to load the website – ironic if that’s where the fee is from! I am blaming Patrick* for making me check population statistics for the local area. This is something all Americans that I know, know – we don’t over here. It would blow our minds daily how many people are squeezed into such small areas.

I had more assessments at work today so my stress levels have been pretty high all day. I kept telling myself ‘it will be over soon, soon you will be home and you will be rested and it will all be in the past!’

I have had lots of errands this evening including buying balloons (a long story) I am one of those people who goes in for a packet of balloons and comes out with 4 shopping bags! They didn’t sell balloons so I had to shop around.

I have managed some writing (which is a miracle) and I have started my 6th book of the year/Month. There are barely enough hours in the day at the moment.
I’m in the library accessing the blog and won’t be at a desk with access until Thursday (and even then there may be no desk)! I will try to read some of the blogs I follow then and over the weekend to catch up with you all in Blogland! I can’t access through my phone as they have started to charge and payments are high enough as it is -gggrrrrrrr @ 24 month contracts.

This week I need to submit my short fictional scene and schedule February’s writing opportunities. I have managed to get one of those ‘Organise your whole family’ calendars and I have started to use it just for myself! Excessive?! Me…. ??? (For people who know me and follow my blog that is funny!)

Right now I am just heading home, to eat fruit (1st healthy shop of the year) and breathe!

* I think you are the 1st person to be named on my blog! What an honour… and the answer in 93,200 estimated in 2011.

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