Daily Prompt: I Got Skills


Daily Prompt: I Got Skills.

Hmmmmmmm I fancied a tough ‘freewrite’ challenge before picking up the 4 shopping bags stashed under the desk and heading home, the library computer countdown clock is on – so no pressure!

Well to be a Mistress, that’s a start… now skill, well that is different to super power but my head is instantly filled with Cartoon Superwoman and Shera! I’m struggling to wipe that image off my brain. I think of power and leadership and all things important – and then the cynic in me thinks, mostly those at the top are lucky on the whole, in some fields, skilfull yes, but not all.

I guess the one skill I have ALWAYS admired most is the crafters, those who have a natural gift for patchwork, woodcarving, pottery. Mainly all things involving needle and thread, I can (with some instructions from my Gran) just about manage a sewing machine, I can certainly demonstrate several stitches by hand, but I suffered at school through the hands of the DT/ART/PE teacher, who basically belittled us publically if we refused to join her teams or if we were not into sports. I was actually in the school netball team and played at County level and pulled top 5 places (out of 120) in cross country racing, it was the Hockey Team I refused a place on, it was too vicious, I was a dancer and needed to keep both my legs!
I made a tissue box cover (very useful) insert a sprinkling of sarcasm here and a soft frog toy. Both projects took about 3 months, involved sewing by hand and machine and looking back I don’t even know how I survived. It scarred me for life and put me off learning.

My Great Aunt taught me how to knit, my mum taught me how to make pom-poms, I have bought some craft books and magazines and manage to find and teach crafts for children, I have lovely ideas, often seen manifested in someone else’s reality in craft shops and fayres.
I just LACK the skill. Given the opportunity to acquire and be the mistress of any skill in the world I would choose to be a Mistress of Crafts. Why are we limiting ourselves there? Hey, I would be the Goddess of Crafts!

How about you?

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    • Probably, my mum encouraged my job by day life (because she wanted me to have financial security), but when there is a Leo in the house there is no end to creative zest, I’m sure they knew and tried to counter-act my growing hate for craft that was part of school classes! I won’t give up … this time next year who knows?! A patchwork blog perhaps 🙂

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