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  1. Yes, I know the link works, just thought I’d make it easier on you.

    Obviously my first thought turns to creating blogs. Anybody reading the fountain posts can see that already. So here’s something you didn’t know.

    Many men (at least 3), have tried and failed to teach me how to play chess. I went to school with the regional chess master when I was 12 and beat him every wet play on Connect 4.
    I guess two things stood in my way;
    1) I thought the game was stupid, or boring at best.
    2) I had absolutely no interest in learning how to play it.

    Well every teacher knows a student has to first have a mind open to learning.

    Fast forward a decade or so, my partner Is desperate for me to learn chess. I think he loses to his friends so beating me, a complete novice would balm his ego. Because of this opinion, which I never discussed, I spent two years spurning every attempt.
    Well men like the chase don’t they?
    Three years later one of my birthday presents is a wooden game compendium, including chess. (The box got taken places but was never opened)… He stopped pushing me and made do with Back Gammon, Scrabble, Mastermind & a whole range of other games I can win!

    Then in 2011 my Christmas presents included a chocolate chess set (now you’re talking) & a couple of teach yourself books. One for kids, the other from the Dummies series. Offended I didn’t even melt the chocolate.
    Then the nagging started, to be fair he had now invested in me to learn a new skill. In 2012 I became ill and for a while there was little I could do. I reignited my love of reading.
    Working through an online teaching aid along with reading the book for kids and dipping into Dummies. I managed in less than 4 days to learn the theory.
    We have only had 4 games, I came close to winning 2 & have given him a run for his money on all (I may even know more theory!) I was wrong it is not boring, I find it nerve racking, exciting and funny. Maybe that’s my opponent. It is something I have learnt just for him.

  2. Well I guess you could if you had opposible thumbs!

    Maybe I will have a go at the new prompt. Simple Abundance I love that book… I’ve never managed all 365 days though!

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