Daily Archives: January 19, 2013

Writing, Snow drives & Igloos


I have managed some writing today. Currently working on the manuscript & next submission piece (Feb.) I’ve managed to nearly finish my book, the 4th one of the month so far.
Today I have spent too much time on social media!!! I also accidentally left the phone connected to the internet! Stupid! I’ve checked data and let’s just say it is a good job I’m just a few days off billing!

I spent 2hrs plucking up the courage for a snow drive (bad experience in 2010), I watched neighbours clearing snow off cars, so many methods maybe I should cash in and write an article!
To my delight my journeys were safe ones and donning a pair of wellies I got to walk in snow, photograph icicles and see some friends. My brother and his neighbours (& I’m sure all the kids!!) have spent 2days building an igloo… He is hosting one of our American relatives on Monday, I hope that’s not his accommodation! Inspiring though, I may write about the community build!

I hope you are all finding time to write and read, I can’t wait for regular desktop access to blogland… I miss reading and posting on WordPress, it really is tricky on this phone though!