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Today I have had to put the hours into work work. I have not written much as far as the writing list goes, I have written on lots of paperwork and a few blogs. I haven’t managed to post everywhere I follow and have spent a while trying to find blogs I have managed to lose between this morning on my smartphone and now. Not surprising really as I can barely see!

I have come across some interesting blogs, I have tried to find a way to show archive posts on my HOME page. I thought it was in Widgets, I dragged it to the right field and tried to save it, alas the techno Gods have all turned in for the night it seems.

I have also managed to download an ebook that you may be interested in. It is from a copyblogger author;


I have also added 2 more writing opportunities to my ‘January’ List.
I should actually have some time to write tomorrow night and Friday morning, looking forward to it!

Later on today is also a funeral of a friend.
May you rest in peace Roger, now you have the company of our other lost friend, Mark. X

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  1. Thank you Gemma, I have only had a few days since the beginning of the month that I’ve not written. I managed several hours this.morning, adding to my manuscript and making some final edits on short fictional scene… Close to deadline x

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