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Time will tell


Delighted! I have accomplished 3hrs writing today split between the morning and just now. I am normally a night owl but this afternoon at work I had a continual assessment which stressed me to the hilt and has left be drained. Was late home as trying to be snow day prepared… Can’t spend the weekend thinking ‘Oh, I’ve left that at work!’

I have pushed through the tiredness barrier.
Managed one-reusable- coffee-cup-coffee.
Completed editing and proof reading my fictional scene. I must have completed 7 redrafts/ edits and finally got the word count!

I have also completed 4096 words on my manuscript today! Is it any wonder I am feeling exhausted?!

Life is a
Often under valued until…
You lose someone
who was once
Close enough to
touch you.

Breathe life into
your dreams,
Wear them every day.
This driving creative spirit
Is not for
Sunday best.

Let yourself go,
Do it
whilst you have the chance roll the dice,
Take the risk –
It’s all pot luck
In the end.

– In loving memory of a friend who many paid tribute to today. Gone & always remembered x

The Daily Post – Post a Week


I'm part of Post A Week 2013

I check the post a day and often notebook write them. This month I can make a weekly contribution to the Daily Post @ WordPress.

If anyone knows how I can display this button in the sidebar on Home page, please let me know.

Research, blogging and guides


Today I have had to put the hours into work work. I have not written much as far as the writing list goes, I have written on lots of paperwork and a few blogs. I haven’t managed to post everywhere I follow and have spent a while trying to find blogs I have managed to lose between this morning on my smartphone and now. Not surprising really as I can barely see!

I have come across some interesting blogs, I have tried to find a way to show archive posts on my HOME page. I thought it was in Widgets, I dragged it to the right field and tried to save it, alas the techno Gods have all turned in for the night it seems.

I have also managed to download an ebook that you may be interested in. It is from a copyblogger author;


I have also added 2 more writing opportunities to my ‘January’ List.
I should actually have some time to write tomorrow night and Friday morning, looking forward to it!

Later on today is also a funeral of a friend.
May you rest in peace Roger, now you have the company of our other lost friend, Mark. X