The Early Bird – has bleary eyes!


It is just after 5a.m, I had a dream about followers of this blog, I woke up to something better… Technical support. I can now (finally after 12 days of looking) add categories! Thanks Hastywords! My new discovery was Quick post, it seems I can smartblog! Although scrolling is difficult! Should have bought a BlackBerry!

I have been working on my next submission a short fictional scene, this one is half way there… Or it was. I twisted the characters on my last rewrite.

I’ve also found some great blogs – will link when I’m on the laptop & some more writing opportunities.

I’m no further on with my manuscript and owe it to date about 9000 words from my 1000 words a day toll!

I’ve only managed 1 take-out-reusable – coffee- cup coffee because I have since bought an instant espresso … I will risk a normal size mug but my reusable coffee cup is worlds too big!

Happened to read several articles on caffeine yesterday…. Should I worry!?

This blog is about my writing life and not my whole life but I need to spill some of the jar sometimes! The pebbles are cutting into me, after a particularly bad day at work yesterday, I’m not looking forward to making room in my jar for the pebbles today! (If the jar analogy is not making sense go read the first couple of posts use the calendar to navigate… I promise to learn hyperlink. I can do it in docs and WebPages!)

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