Daily Archives: January 13, 2013

Sleepy Sunday


I am struggling to stay awake this morning, I started my research at 8:30a.m, stopped half an hour ago to visit Blogland, have explored through ‘Freshly Pressed’ today and am now following other blogs. Blogs which will teach me, inspire me & enable other writing opportunities.

I am extremely busy sorting out a big life change, by the end of Spring it will mean my life is 100x better than now, in the interim it means I am going to have be VERY disciplined to make sure I submit by deadlines and allow myself enough time to edit my manuscripts.

I have about 100 words to finish today before editing and redrafting. I am hoping by tea-time I will be in a position to make a submission. (I have to do some ‘pebble’ paperwork work today as well as throwing the big rocks into the jar!)

After spending yesterday morning rushing around and the afternoon in a meeting, I have at least, got an ENTIRE day in! I think I may have to glue myself to the laptop to stop the tempting urge to go back to bed though….

Tired inside and out. lanegan 009

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