Perfect Timing!


 It has been 3 days since I was last able to access my blog.

all sorts 09 10 076

1) Hours of writing since last post =5hrs

2) Hours of research since last post =3hrs

3) No. of current submissions =2

4) Time spent trying to get WordPress apps to work on my ‘stupid’ Smart phone =45mins

5) Books read  =1

6) Excel Sheets produced =2

7) No. of re-useable-coffee-cup cups =6

(I need to manage the ‘water’ in my jar better, it wasn’t always washed up.)

8) No. of times feeling negative (frustration, despair, the old writers block…) =1

9) No. of times feeling positive (excitement, happiness, refreshed, reenergized, pleased…) =6

10) No. of lessons learnt =8


1)      You can’t outwit a SMART phone

2)      Reading material you are ‘into’ takes half the time

3)      You can create your own sense of joy and well-being

4)      Following your dreams reawakens you at soul level

5)      Seek and you will find – The Bible

6)      You have got to be in to win it – National Lotto

7)      ALWAYS test the heat of the coffee BEFORE you twist the lid on

8) Those warm-up-writing-ideas- are less necessary when you have a blog

Images copyright N.A.Lewis 2012 – All rights reserved

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