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Right place, write time!


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How has your writing week been so far? How do you feel?

I have been busy balancing all the elements of the jar this week as I went back to work after the Christmas break, household chores built up, I had appointments and meetings to attend, a couple of social events to factor in, some work as a ‘taxi’, along with the long list of companies I needed to contact to sort utility bill issues, direct debit fees, salaries, Amazon orders and Estate Agents.

I have managed to rock the big stones though as you can see from ‘Perfect Timing’ post.

I still feel excited and am consumed with passion, of course this fire is easily fuelled in the writing process, I am only too aware when it comes time to submission deadlines my emotions will be the polar opposite and my skin will grow at least an extra four layers.

I have been here before, a lot has changed in the past decade though, including the acceptability of email submissions, technology I can manage. This is great as it gives me at least an extra three days or so to edit and polish the manuscript AND it’s free!

I am currently working on two short submissions; the first is a real-life story for publication, the second a fictional short story, flash fiction. Just 1,450 words complete these manuscripts, as you know writing on a limited word count as short as these can cause more problems. Unlike school essays, lower the word count doesn’t equal an easier assignment!

I have read a book, (a whole one in 3 days!), well nearly 2/3 I have 91 pages left,  drawn a mind-map on large paper, written a synopsis of 3 ideas, chosen the one I’m running with, this morning when I woke up I had 900 words first draft. I now have closer to 1,100 and am busy on my 2nd draft. What a difference a day makes!

The 2nd manuscript has been in the project pot since December 2012, I have already written most of it (apart from the final paragraph – I’m still undecided which way to twist it!) It has been rewritten and edited 3 times already, I need to finish it and polish it. I have until the end of the month.

I am concentrating on the real-life story as I have to finish it by the beginning of next week. The best thing about it is I have thought of another 3 ideas to write about from writing this story. I have written a brief synopsis for each new idea.

The best part… I have my blog to thank. Using a public service computer, I was in the library thinking about these projects I had already undertaken weeks ago, the library has FREE books, it was after my time ran out on the PC that I began to peruse the shelves and made my withdrawal (on yet another piece of new fangled, no librarian needed technology)… talk about right place at the write time!

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WordPress App


I have been trying to upload the app for 4 days. My phone has some issue that I can’t amend in settings. Last night I made an amazing discovery, I can upload blog posts via email! Email works on my phone, unlike the WordPress app (try as I might to install it!) The only problem is the instructions to set up the email won’t work on my phone, only half the tabs on the page upload and every time I tap a tab the web page goes straight to refresh mode.


My first job this evening after posting will be to activate the email user on from the laptop, this means next week I am free to blog away from the desk.

How to create more time (effortlessly)


Ways I have created more time to write this week;

1)       Setting alarms

2)       Writing lists and DOING them

3)       Spending less time on social media

4)       Pretending my deadline for submissions is earlier than it is

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Perfect Timing!


 It has been 3 days since I was last able to access my blog.

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1) Hours of writing since last post =5hrs

2) Hours of research since last post =3hrs

3) No. of current submissions =2

4) Time spent trying to get WordPress apps to work on my ‘stupid’ Smart phone =45mins

5) Books read  =1

6) Excel Sheets produced =2

7) No. of re-useable-coffee-cup cups =6

(I need to manage the ‘water’ in my jar better, it wasn’t always washed up.)

8) No. of times feeling negative (frustration, despair, the old writers block…) =1

9) No. of times feeling positive (excitement, happiness, refreshed, reenergized, pleased…) =6

10) No. of lessons learnt =8


1)      You can’t outwit a SMART phone

2)      Reading material you are ‘into’ takes half the time

3)      You can create your own sense of joy and well-being

4)      Following your dreams reawakens you at soul level

5)      Seek and you will find – The Bible

6)      You have got to be in to win it – National Lotto

7)      ALWAYS test the heat of the coffee BEFORE you twist the lid on

8) Those warm-up-writing-ideas- are less necessary when you have a blog

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