Daily Archives: January 7, 2013

‘An Unexpected Journey’


I suppose I should be grateful that I have actually managed to get online today! What an adventure – I feel mildly Hobbity, firstly the local councils have all decided (or due to government cut backs have had no choice but to) amalgamate to a central hub, in the olden days, of 2012 I used to phone the local library and book a PC. Simple. Quick and efficient.

First the telephone call, it’s a Monday and I phoned first thing, so there I am on hold. I continue to read the writing magazine I had started on, forcing myself to remain calm. Then it took a whole 5 minutes (which may not seem very long) all I needed was a PC.

‘Please can I book a PC @ X library for 1:30pm?’ ………. 5 minutes to get the computer system to accept such a request! Thank goodness I have at least entered the 21st Century enough to have a contract phone!


Then I got to the library having not used a public service PC for over a year and find that I need a PIN number!? I go in search of a much endangered species, an actual real-life Librarian… it still didn’t work, I journey downstairs again, (now you know why I feel like a Hobbit!) to find a different Librarian, who finds out the library has no record of my D.O.B, as I lost my card five years ago and was issued a new one.

Finally 10 mins into my 120, I am in and on.

So here I am unexpectedly typing extra word count into my blog. I have had a fantastic morning, the old saying is true – if you love the work you do, it doesn’t feel like work at all! I feel happy having spent the entire morning researching writing projects and creating my LISTS for January.

Finally my lists say more than get up, go to work, tidy and clean. What a breakthrough eh!

Today’s rants can finish with a golden tinge –

It is TRUE, believe that you can and YOU WILL!

I am!