A correctly filled jar! Yeh!


As the working day draws to a close I am adding another post as I’m not online tomorrow. The blog started on the 4th Jan (unfortunately I did a late night edit and so the posts show from the 5th) and today is the first day I have been successful at jar filling – see using the large stones first really works!

I have just about finished with the pebbles – I lost track of the actual hours, roughly 5-6 hours. It is now time for the sand, which I forgot to mention before includes family time, food shopping etc. and as we are having a take-away tonight and I used the microwave and toaster earlier the amount of sand can vary!

As for those big stones….. I am going to work on them first thing tomorrow and I am also lucky enough to have a pebble free day – no work, meetings or evening classes or social events… I can have a Hard Rock day (writing) with minimal sand and water, that should make up for the lack of goal ink used this weekend!

Before I go, incase I am being read I found the Jar article today, credit for the metaphor needs to go to Joanne Borrill.

Thanks Joanne, you have certainly helped me focus on what I want this year! As long as that jar doesn’t spill huh?!

Night all, happy writing teatime

Images copyright N.A.Lewis 2012 – All rights reserved

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