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A correctly filled jar! Yeh!


As the working day draws to a close I am adding another post as I’m not online tomorrow. The blog started on the 4th Jan (unfortunately I did a late night edit and so the posts show from the 5th) and today is the first day I have been successful at jar filling – see using the large stones first really works!

I have just about finished with the pebbles – I lost track of the actual hours, roughly 5-6 hours. It is now time for the sand, which I forgot to mention before includes family time, food shopping etc. and as we are having a take-away tonight and I used the microwave and toaster earlier the amount of sand can vary!

As for those big stones….. I am going to work on them first thing tomorrow and I am also lucky enough to have a pebble free day – no work, meetings or evening classes or social events… I can have a Hard Rock day (writing) with minimal sand and water, that should make up for the lack of goal ink used this weekend!

Before I go, incase I am being read I found the Jar article today, credit for the metaphor needs to go to Joanne Borrill.

Thanks Joanne, you have certainly helped me focus on what I want this year! As long as that jar doesn’t spill huh?!

Night all, happy writing teatime

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A stones throw


I have had a productive early morning reading writing magazines and now my head is spinning. I have a fairly long list of things to write in January in my writing journal and like Jack’s beanstalk the list is now sky high! At least I am throwing the big stones into the jar first today. I realise for all your avid bloggers out there that I am just a lonely voice in the dark as far as Blogland is concerned, I will spend more time reading blogs and extending the possibilties of this one after I have achieved the main objective of finishing writing. I foresee it evolving as I do. If I pick up a few readers along the way or better still followers, then great! I promise never to post about spilling coffee over my keyboard (as I use one of those save-the-planet-I-have-my-own-coffee-cup cups). I’m not brave enough or rich enough to take it to a coffeeshop and as yet I don’t need to rush around the city streets supping from it. It is useful, every writer should have one; it is the size of several mugs, gives you a proper caffine fix, allows for more time typing and less time in the kitchen and they are all over everywhere in the shops right now. (And have been for the past year!)

That’s me done, lots of writing to achieve today as well as throwing in those little pebbles to keep the dayjob and as it is the weekend the sand and water is essential too. I have been moaned at for being attached to the keyboard for too long yesterday!

PS: this is one you can proofread as I’m not wearing my glasses.